Metos Cooking Solutions for Large Production Kitchens

Everything you need to make your production kitchen run smoothly!

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Cook Chill is an efficient way to produce large amount of foods

Cook Chill is not a new technology. It has been around for decades. It is one of the most efficient ways to produce large quantities of food. Because of its chilled state and long shelf life, chilled food is handled and transported easier.

Extend your food’s shelf life to 40 days – safely!

The process of extended shelf life for liquid and semi liquid foods allows users to make products well in advance of requirement, operating the kitchen as a means of supply to the food bank.

“Our new Metos Cooking Solutions division concentrates exclusively on a select range of large-format food production equipment designed for mass catering and small-to-medium food factories. We are also profiling ourselves from a manufacturer to more of an expert and developer.”

– Greg Archer

Central kitchen making over 5000 portions daily

Cold production kitchen making 10000 meals

Metos Proveno Cooking Kettles for professional production kitchens

We manufacture excellent cooking kettles and
a whole concept of cooking around them.

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