Most common challenges with food productions that customers face

Are you facing these challenges?

How to chill safely masses of liquid and semi-liquid food?

With Cook and Chill method, the food is first cooked, and immediately after cooking it is cooled quickly in a controlled manner below the critical temperature range. Controlling temperatures is easier when distribution, packaging and transport of the food takes place when the food is cold. When the process remains constant, the microbiological safety of refrigerated products is easier to control compared to those that are heat preserved.

We offer cook chill kettles up to 400 liters for smaller production and cook chill tanks up 1000 kilos for larger production.

How to maintain perfect hygiene and food process traceability?

Dispensing hot food products is normally associated with a number of health and safety risks. These risks are minimized with a fully automated dispensing system.  Food is not touched when cooking and pumping and vacuum bags holds the food safe. All our systems have inbuild HACCP for traceability.

How to transport food safely and cost-effectively?

Sealed bags for extended shelf life! Vacuum bags hold the food safe for 21 days and more – shelf life of up to 40 days can be achieved safely. This requires however that you prepare food in strict temperature management conditions.

The process of extended shelf life for liquid and semi liquid foods allows users to make products well in advance of requirement, operating the kitchen as a means of supply to the food bank.

Sealed bags are chilled and then stored for up to a month before use. The transfer can be done in big batches at suitable time. Ease of production and of logistic management is the result of cook and chill production method.

How to ensure kitchen maintenance, support and spare parts availability?

Long term commitments on Spare Part Services. Our centralized handling of both products and spares enables us to provide high availability and cost efficiency for thousands of different spare parts. We send many shipments of spares all around the world weekly.  We have dedicated team for online support and spare parts deliveries. Our maintenance partners network is growing fast to serve you locally.

Technical Support and Training

For our international business partners and subsidiaries we have dedicated personnel to provide technical support and spare part services. For our partners we can provide individual installation and service training both centrally in our factory or at the customers site. Along with new products and product developments we provide continuous product training for our own technical support personnel. This way we can make sure that our customers receive accurate and up-to-date technical support and service.

Technical Documentation

Our technical documentation group provides the availability of high standard technical documentations in English.

How to survive when labor availability is difficult and labor costs rise?

Automated systems require less labor and create savings. Large production with few automated appliances requires only few persons to operate a big system.