We carry the responsibility of advanced maintenance services throughout the whole life cycle of kitchen

When service is neglected, the environmental impact of a kitchen appliance is multiplied and using it can be an increasing risk for the user. We have own service operators or local partners to guarantee service availability. Knowledgeable service technicians will ensure and guide you in maintaining the technical functionality of your kitchen. A maintenance contract and service lease are the easiest way to take care of the environment today. We also guarantee the availability of spare parts for the long term. Up to 30 years old Metos devices are still in use! We store device-specific service history for our customers in the MyKitchen Service Book.

Reducing food waste is also our goal

World food loss is 40%. Metos A&R are constantly improving equipment and automates cooking processes to reduce food losses. The scalable cooking processes of the equipment ensure consistent quality of the whole batch. We eliminate unnecessary work, improve ergonomics, and reduce energy consumption by developing and making our devices and systems increasingly multifunctional.

We also want to look to the future of your kitchen

Eating out in Nordic countries will continue to increase in the coming years. The tourism industry continues growing and the number of tourists is rising rapidly. We make sure kitchens are increasingly adaptable, efficient and scalable to meet future trends.

We are contributing to the recovery of the ozone layer

We manufacture different types of refrigerated workstations and displays. We were among the first on our branch to introduce completely freon-free refrigerants. We safely dispose of all disabled refrigeration equipment by our customers for recycling.

Food safety is also our business

Metos ioLiving self-monitoring system helps the kitchen to maintain food safety. A lot of time-consuming work is saved by automatically logging temperatures in the system. Our self-monitoring is a constantly evolving and flexible solution that scales from kiosk to central kitchen and also helps to manage cleanliness and food waste. When your smartphone is in your pocket you constantly know where you are going.

We work for better working conditions

The labour shortage will continue and grow in kitchens in the near future. We are constantly working to reduce the heavy and monotonous work in the kitchen by utilising automation and robotics. You can focus all your resources on the most essential.

We recycle the equipment on behalf of the customer

We recycle all appliances leaving customers’ kitchens.
Metos was founded in the 1920s and started making products from newly developed stainless steel. Even today, we can still use the recycled raw material we used almost a hundred years ago.
We just add intelligence.

No drop of extra water

Dishwashing is the most environmentally harmful process in a professional kitchen. Thanks to our continuous product development and patented ICS+ technology, we have succeeded in halving the water consumption of the dishwashing departments. Declining water consumption also means decreasing electricity and detergent consumption.

Environmental Responsibility of our industry

We are committed to reducing the environmental impact of our industry. We have ISO14001 certified environmental management system.
We regularly assess the environmental impact of our operations. Based on these, we have created an Environmental Program with the goals of promoting energy efficiency and reducing waste.

Energy efficiency Agreement

We have joined the voluntary Energy Efficiency Agreement and have been able to reduce the energy consumption of our factories by more than a quarter over the last ten years.

Recycling of materials – Waste Management Plan

In accordance with our Waste Management Plan, waste is sorted in our production sites. Hazardous waste is stored in locked containers. The waste is recycled and treated through a partner network. Our target is zero for landfill waste. In 2018 recycling rate was 100%, of which 58% was recovered as material and 42% as energy.
We take care of producer responsibility and recycling of the packaging we deliver to the market through an agreement with producer organizations.

Social responsibility

We strive to provide people with a safe and comfortable working environment by providing them with well-being and work ability through comprehensive occupational health and safety processes. We have a range of working time arrangements to suit different stages of life. We recruit people of all ages and treat all our employees equally.
We require our suppliers to comply with international labour agreements. These include the principles of the UN Global Compact.
We are a major local employer in our production sites and indirectly generate salary tax revenue across the country.