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Production kitchen process – alternatives

Cook Chill is not a new technology. It has been around for decades. It is one of the most efficient ways to produce large quantities of food. Because of its chilled state and long shelf life, it is easier to handle and transport chilled food.

You can base your production methods on a Cook & Chill or Cook & Serve a principle or a combination of the two. The Cook & Chill method often lets you reduce production days while keeping the serving days the same.


Pros with Cook Chill

Your food quality increases when you use centralized production. You have better planning, better production and you can trace and track your needed improvements. Delayed production enables any poor quality raw material to be rejected more readily without effecting your service.

  • Improved productivity
  • Purchasing can become better – you can purchase in bigger volumes
  • Forecasting will get easier because of advanced planning and minimized wastage
  • Systematic meal service means better controlled labor cost and more menu flexibility.

What are liquid or semi-liquid foods?

Liquid and semi-liquid foods are the types of food that can easily be pumped. Here are some of the products our customers make in their Proveno kettles: different sauces, fillings, soups and stocks, mash potato, goulash, ratatouille, chili con carne, mayonneise, chicken curry, marmelade, boiled rice, hummus, smoothies, chocolate sauce and risottos. These are only a few examples. You can find a longer list in our brochures below.

Why Cook Chill?

The core idea of starting a cook chill production kitchen is to remove the stresses of normal kitchen service.

With cook chill all foods are made in advance and there are little or no surprises in the work day.  The foods you make for your customers are more consistent. Your productivity increases through better production planning. Your valuable skilled labor is maximized to its best potential.

Extend the quality and safe storage life of fully prepared foods in order to:

  • Remove traditional peaks and troughs of conventional cook and serve operations.
  • Provide consistency of product.
  • Improve productivity.
  • Maximize use of skilled labor.


Increase Food’s Shelf Life with Cook Chill

Shelf life of up to 40 days can be achieved safely. The process of extended shelf life for liquid and semi liquid foods allows users to make products well in advance of requirement, operating the kitchen as a means of supply to the food bank.

Products will be pumped into bags. Those bags are chilled and then stored for up to a month before use. Ease of production and of logistic management is the result of this system.

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