Cook Chill extended shelf life system uses less labour and less electricity

The process for extended shelf life products

The process of extended shelf life for liquid and semi liquid foods allows users to make products well in advance of requirement, operating the kitchen as a means of supply to the food bank. Products are pumped into bags, and those bags are then chilled. Then the bags can be stored for up to a month before use. Ease of production and ease of logistic management is the result of this system.

Key importance is placed on the compatibility of the complete system and the temperature management of the total process. This system allows the kitchen more menu variety, less staff and better inventory management of the wide range of products they can serve to their customers.

The foods are made in a Proveno Kettle, pumped hot – into bags made of recycled material, and then sealed and chilled in the Chill Tank. The system can accomodate pumpable products with particles up to 38 mm – like beef goulash or chicken curry. It also can pump thick products like mashed potatoes. The chill tank will cool the hot bags which are layered into cages. The chilled water is circulated by pumps in the tank.

This relatively new type of technology has brought the larger machines of the food processing market into the flexible environments of production kitchens around the world.