Bratt pans – mixing or traditional –
for complete food production

Metos bratt pans fry up to 250°C. They heat up and give a good even heat for the food. They also hold the heat very well. The base of the brattpan is 25mm, which is very thick and strong.
Choose from traditional or mixing brattpan.


Viking MixPan tilting and mixing pan

Mixing and tilting style bratt pan Viking MixPan can be grouped with our kettles to save the floor space. Mixer tool with scrapers releases the chef from constant mixing and intervention. Capacities 150 or 250 liters.
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Futura HD tilting bratt pan

Metos Futura HD bratt pans are giants for big kitchens. Volumes of the pans are 100, 150 and 200 liters. Metos Futura HD bratt pans have a stainless steel frying surface with an aluminium core around the heating elements for extremely fast heating and fast heat recovery. The maximum frying surface temperature is 250°C.
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