Chilled water is needed for fast chilling

Chilled water units for closed ice water circulation system

The closed ice water circulation system provides the fastest and the most energy efficient way for food cooling in a combi kettle. In the Metos system, the ice water is produced using either with ice water bank, or a fluid chiller type system, placed in the building’s technical space. When the cooling cycle is started, the ice water flows through the kettle jacket. Then the water returns to the ice bank for cooling. The system is integrated into the building technology as part of a heat exchange system.

Metos ice bank prepares a volume of water during the night, for next day use. They uses unique evaporator panels with a very high cooling capacity, which always provide optimal cooling. The Metos Fluid Chiller type units make chilled water on demand, and can be more compact than ice banks. Thanks to these technologies, the efficient chilling systems are also suitable for cooling cold preparation kettles, and ice water and sous-vide basins.

The modular systems are easily modified so that they correspond, as accurately as possible, to the actual cooling needs of the kitchen. Thanks to the efficient use of space, Metos’ ice water circulation system is also suitable for properties that need renovating.

The smallest unit even fits in the goods elevator, so it can be installed in a small basement or in the ventilation room.



Dedicated icewater system for Proveno kettles

The unique ice water bank system is a cooling system precisely tailored to the Proveno kettles. Due to the installed wheels at the bottom of the ice bank, it can be easily and quickly moved to almost any building and it fits through every 90 cm wide door. Owing to the docking system (plug & play option), it can be expanded and developed in any way. With the Plug & Play – option it’s possible to drive simultaneously different cooling flow temperatures. The flow temperatures can be easily and quickly programmed and changed.