We have everything you need to make your production kitchen run smoothly and efficiently

How does it work?

Cook Chill production with us starts with world’s best combi kettles, continues with hygienic and easy clean pumps and ends to chilling with tanks.

We have it all. Our solutions are designed to operate seamlessly together. Our concept is designed to serve you the most – so that you can succeed with your business. Best production kitchens are made of functions that fit together perfectly, to make your production run smoothly and efficiently.


World’s Best Combi Kettle – High Quality Kettles Made in Finland

Metos Proveno kettles are high-quality and sustainable products that are manufactured in Finland with high expertise. Intelligent features, reliable automation, easy programming, and optimized ergonomics. Metos Proveno is intuitive and loaded with smart functions!

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Pumping makes food transportation easy, hygienic, and ergonomic

Pumping allows accurate transfer of food from one place to another, into containers or into bags. The user does not need to scoop food out of the kettle in repetition.


SousVide/Chill tanks with lifts and baskets

Process is industrial but the cooking results are fine-dining quality. When cooking solid foods using sous vide method, the cooking results are perfect. The sous vide cooking method cooks the food in a vacuum, which increases the shelf life of the product.


Ice Banks & Fluid chillers provide chilled water for cooling in kettle and chill tank

The Sous Vide and Chill Tanks require a chilled water unit. When you order a sous vide tank or chill tank, we also provide the suitable chiller unit. The ice bank or fluid chiller unit can be connected also to kettles if they are selected with chilling.

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