SousVide and Chill tanks with lifts and baskets

SousVide tanks up to 1000 kilos

The sous vide cooking method cooks the food in a vacuum, which increases the shelf life of the product. The food is prepared and sealed in vacuum packed bags. Then they are placed in a hot water bath and cooked to the desired temperature.

The cooked food is chilled in same tank or in really big production you have separate cook tank and chill tank and you move the racks after cooking to chill tanks. This saves water and time what it takes to change tank temperatures.

The tanks we have are in sizes from 126 kg to 1000kg in size. The tanks have big cages with baskets that hold the bags of food. The cages are lifted in and out of the tank by overhead lifting crane included in system.


Chilling tanks to cool hot-fill bags

The tanks can also be ordered as chilling only, which means they only produce cold water all the time. The tanks are connected to ice bank or fluid chiller unit producing the ice water for chilling.