About Metos

100 years of professional kitchen experience

Metos offers a complete solution for professional kitchens

Metos manufactures and markets professional kitchen equipment and furniture. Our development is based on understanding our customers’ business and business environment. Metos is the market leader in the Nordic, Baltic and Benelux countries and is part of the ALI Group, Europe’s leading manufacturer of professional kitchen equipment. Metos offers complete services for professional kitchen equipment in Finland, Sweden, Norway, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, the Netherlands and Belgium and limited services in France. There are about 750 professionals in ten different countries. Metos is the number one expert in professional kitchen equipment and has been supplying professional kitchens for over 100 years. Metos’ head office, factory and Metos Center are located in Kerava, Finland. Stainless steel furniture factory is located in Sorsakoski, Finland.

Combined with Metos’ brand name, our tagline Kitchen Intelligence tells about our efforts to increase the performance of professional kitchens. In addition to a comprehensive range of equipment, we are able to offer our customers the most comprehensive service package on the market. Kitchen design, training and maintenance services ensure that the customer gets the full benefit of their investment.


International Metos

Metos is the only European professional kitchen company capable of providing comprehensive services in ten countries. In addition to comprehensive services, we also supply individual devices and device configurations. Equipment exports is handled by Metos Manufacturing, which has an extensive international distribution network. Exports focus in particular on combi kettles. A significant part of our export business is also Metos Marine, which has supplied equipment to more than 6,000 galleys around the world.

Metos develops, manufactures, markets and sells high quality professional kitchen equipment

Metos develops, manufactures, markets and sells through its distributors high quality professional kitchen equipment, designed especially for large format production kitchens. Metos is the largest Scandinavian manufacturer in cooking equipment, food distribution, kitchen trolleys and stainless steel workstations. Production facilities are located in Finland (in Kerava and Sorsakoski). The headquarters are in Kerava, Finland.

The Metos product range has been developed during the years to serve especially the needs of the demanding production kitchens in Northern Europe. This is the geographical area Metos supplies with its full product assortment. Worldwide Metos offers selected Cooking Solutions that help large format production kitchens increase their productivity and quality with unique features and capabilities.


Our partners

Metos works in markets throughout the world with carefully selected local partners and distributors, and also international chains. Metos Cooking Solutions distributors you find here