Terms of use for Metos symbols

License agreement for Metos symbols

Metos Oy Ab has developed a symbol library for kitchen equipment and furniture. The symbols are devices in the Metos product catalog as AutoCAD 2D/3D/face blocks or Revit families with technical information included.

The customer uses the symbols in his business both for his own benefit and for the benefit of Metos Oy Ab. Due to the above, Metos Oy Ab and the Customer have agreed on the right to use the symbols as follows:

1. Metos Oy Ab grants the Customer the right to use the symbols. The license is free of charge.

2. All tangible and intangible rights to the symbols belong to Metos Oy Ab.

3. Customer shall not be entitled to assign this Agreement to any third party.

4. The use of the symbols is at the expense and responsibility of the Customer. Metos Oy Ab is not liable for any damages that may be caused to the Customer by the use or its obstruction.

5. The symbols are a company secret of Metos Oy Ab.

6. As the right to use the symbols is gratuitous, Metos Oy Ab has the right at any time, without any special reason, to terminate this agreement with immediate effect or to terminate it after the chosen period of notice.

7. Disputes arising from this agreement shall be heard in the first instance in the lower court of the domicile of Metos Oy Ab.

8. By accepting the terms of use, the Customer makes an offer to Metos Oy Ab to enter into this agreement.

The agreement enters into force at the moment when Metos Oy Ab accepts the offer made by the Customer in the manner described above by sending the Customer an ID, which the Customer can use to download symbols from the product pages.